1 february solar eclipse astrology

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Once you find it, Mars and Saturn will join to give you Energizer Bunny endurance! Would you like to receive more recognition as a healer or mentor? This dynamic aspect can also fire up your intuitive flashes , and inspire you to serve others using the special gifts you must love to use. Does some aspect of your committed partnership need to dissolve so the entire relationship can improve?

With the right intention, this adjustment aspect can help you and your committed partner enjoy more ecstatic energetic merging , or enjoy creative work together. Are you feeling spontaneous, flowing energy in support of some higher cause or purpose? Follow your bliss!

Any Leo New Moon is great for new beginnings or fresh energy in a variety of areas. Additional themes include risk, speculation, children or your inner child, and rest and relaxation.

This New Moon has three important aspects: a Venus conjunction , a Uranus square , and a Chiron trine. This opens up several ways to use this New Moon energy. In terms of relationship , make sure that you both have room to express yourselves Venus in Leo. If a relationship is in good shape, the Uranus square can help you two make a quantum leap to the next level of wonderful!

If there are unresolved issues, the relationship could experience challenging surprise or destabilization to bring these to your attention. Fortunately, Uranus can also pop in intuitive flashes to help you resolve the situation harmoniously. The trine from Chiron adds a smooth flow of healing or mentoring energy.

A wonderful tool that has helped many couples resolve conflicts is the 4-Part Nonviolent Communication Process. For your own internal healing work, try my free Healing Invocation. Artistically , you could share your creativity Venus and Leo with others with dynamic electricity and genius Uranus. You can receive smooth support from a mentor Chiron trine in doing this. You could also experience a paradigm shift in your creativity Uranus square Venus and the Leo luminaries. Financially, the Uranus square could give you a wake-up call if money matters needs your attention.

A more universal message is how controlling the breath creates beauty. Many spiritual paths teach how breath control can dramatically shift consciousness. Yogic pranayama exercises are one example. Another is the strong focus on breath in chi gung, tai chi and other mindful movement methods.

Even the simple practice of bringing slow deep breaths into your belly can cultivate a wide range of benefits. Earlier versions brought an unprecedented level of ease to casting and working with astrological charts. The current version adds many more calculations, extra convenience features, more interpretive text, and exciting new graphic displays. No one sells Solar Fire for less than AstroShaman.

Learn how Solar Fire can supercharge your astrology! Are you having enough fun, engaging in an appropriate amount of risk, and getting enough rest? As Mercury retrograded in Cancer, I suggested that you reflect on the fundamental themes of home, family, and security. Are you in touch with your emotions, and doing effective shadow work to process your challenging feelings? With Mercury now direct, the path is clear to take action on the insights you gained during your Mercury retrograde reflections. With Mercury turning direct less than an hour after the Leo New Moon, you have plenty of energy to get new things started!

This timing information is general advice. Critical events with important consequences, such as elective surgery, a wedding or listing a house for sale, are best determined using electional astrology. This empowers your warrior goddess energy , and can support you in any battles you need to fight.

Just remember that Pallas prefers strategy and negotiation … and will duke it out only as a last resort!

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Whatever your Sun Sign, my forecasts can help you make the best use of the current astrological energies. All dates and times are in the U. Events are most powerful on the dates listed, but their influence will be active for at least a week before and after.

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Everyone is affected by these global transits. Discover how these transits will personally affect you by booking a session with me. I offer the soul-level insights of astrology , the healing power of shamanism , and the life-transforming support of life coaching. Click for more detailed bio.

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July Eclipses in Astrology | Jessica Adams

Connect Benjamin would love to hear from you! While that may mean you'll experience growing pains, it's not all bad. You may realize that sometimes, people don't deserve all the care you give them. You might be in a partnership with someone because you want to help them, but this kind of relationship can sometimes be a huge drain on you.

Meditation on Dissolution, Lunar Eclipse July 16, 12222

It may be time to say "enough is enough" and take back your power. Give yourself the love and care you often give others. This is eclipse is a good time to slow down and listen to your soul, body, and dreams. You're often the life of the party, shining your light so others can bathe in the glow, but this eclipse is about introspection. You will be looking at parts of yourself you often take for granted. The eclipse will happen in the place in your chart that is unconscious. Secrets you keep from yourself are going to make themselves known in some way.

Try recording your dreams for a week or two to figure out what's always been hard to put your finger on. This might be a time when you realize that some of the stuff you do for fun is no longer serving you. It might be that what used to be enjoyable now feels more like work. You care about your body and health and you may be realizing those things are now more important to you than partying — and that's OK.

1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology
1 february solar eclipse astrology 1 february solar eclipse astrology

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