Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5

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Expect emotional outbursts. Being the centre of attention and having everyone listening to your latest ideas will be exciting. Avoid arguing with those who disagree — passions tend to rise far too quickly.

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Use your intuition to figure out which ideas and opportunities will work — and discuss with your man if you want his support. Put yourself out there — but be charming rather than pushy, especially if trying to initiate romance. Consider your own ideas in everything from romance to travel — they seem far more exciting than those of friends, family and colleagues although they might not agree!

Joint finances and investments need attention. Your attention moves to the guy in your life. If you try to push him around you could lose him, so show understanding instead of impatience.

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Sexual passion will help keep him onside. Exercise is calming, as is vigorous sex with bae. The lines between platonic boundaries will feel a bit blurry after Tuesday. Remember the wisdom in finding relational dynamics that have both the best of friendship and romance. Check in on your physical and mental wellness this weekend.

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Review and commit to a serious nutritional strategy — it might fulfill you. Werk, Cancer! Stay as proactive, disciplined, and focused as possible this month for maximum reward at work. Your worthiness will help you see your dreams fulfilled.

This weekend, try to balance that new pursuit with a remembrance of your emotional security and where you came from. Can you handle the Truth, Virgo? You have the highest potential of almost everything and everyone right now. Tuesday begins your focus on seeing your life truthfully as it is at this moment, not your future potential.

Accept the current good, bad, and ugly This weekend, try to think of dialogue as interfacing communication, not parallel monologues.

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The first chapter of a new love story starts Tuesday, Libra! This weekend, check your checkbook — a review of your financial health is in order. Tuesday begins a process of personal organization, time management, and a focus on small steps for big personal growth. Commit to practices that strengthen your physical and mental health.

This weekend, take a midpoint check in on your success strategies. Find optimistic, joyful values to work on.

Tuesday will begin your time to share with those who need to hear it. Feel free to speak on the who, where, when, and why that gives your life meaning. This weekend, downtime is on the itinerary.

Recharge, relax, rest. Connect to friends who feel like family this weekend. Mental chemistry takes your physical chemistry off the charts, Aquarius. This weekend, review your work life and find new ways to measure your success. Happy birthday to you, Pisces! The universe is making it rain for you throughout your birthday celebrations. Tuesday electrifies your direct deposit with abundance, prosperity, and value. Treat yourself and indulge wisely.

Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5
Cosmopolitan horoscope week of march 5

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