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It's time to face yourself. GeminiMan Releasing this Friday at Cinegoldplex. Get Your Advance Tickets Today. GeminiMan sedang tayang di bioskop.

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Pesan tiketnya sekarang. GUAPTOBER october betawards snipergang freekodak freshcuts litefeet snitch9ine worldstar freenocap nocap savage geminiman sg4l tmc ripnipseyhussle loyalty. Always appreciate the homie wuzgood for inviting me out to his private screenings. Glad I was able to see it in reald3d. Trust me In theaters October 11th.

Just watched GeminiMan - I liked it, but it had its problems You can catch my review over on YouTube. PeanutButterFalcon Zak anak muda dengan down syndrom lari dari panti asuhan demi menjadi pegulat. Dalam perjalanan ia menemukan sahabat barunya, Tyler Shia LaBeouf. Siccin6 Penduduk desa Turki harus mengalahkan mantra Black Magic yang membuat mereka diremehkan oleh kaum Jin.

Yay, makin banyak pilihan film untuk kamu nonton di CGV. Buruan yuk, pesan tiketnya sekarang tanpa antri di aplikasi atau di link pada bio. Share 0 0. Share 2 0. Village Center Cinemas. Share 1 0. Cinemaxx Ponorogo. Share 3 0. Share 1 1. Share Here in NYC, everyone has their astrology theme made. Ok, time to fess up. Are you a believer? Do you think it represents you well? Ahahaha ;. Ce qui craint pour un amoureux, mais certainement pas pour une copine!!!

So funny and true!!! Too cool! You should look up the Chinese signs, have you already? Idem pour mes copines proches, ma famille, etc. You will absolutely love the colours and designs… and people…! Ouais, je suis Poisson. I am sure there is something true about every sign for everybody! I am gemini and love to travel, meet people, very curious and think quickly to take decision and love summer warm weather! Je suis Scorpion et mon mari taureau! Well, you got me, but what do we think about this if you will allow me to ask a question here….

The laws of gravity operated just as well before Newton discovered them. Firey temper and all. But I def do not check on it every day. She is a total wack job but spot on. And all the above qualities that you recited apply to me too. Yes, even the attraction to food. Well of course we would be friends!!! Then you end up being one too,I love it! I am a Taurus too, and have somehow mostly Taurus friends.

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I think you can take horoscope with a grain of salt, we tend to believe in them when they seem true to our personality, and lets be honest the seem to oddly match up most of the times, how does that work? You should check out your chinese sign, you are a Rabbit just like me, and it is the best : You should find out what Scotts sign is! My husband is a Scorpio, should I be reading more into it?

Or not Fast forward 10 years, I am curious about it — you have to take it with a grain of salt of course but there is something comforting about it, no?

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Such a funny post. I belive that people who have the same sign are similar meaning they were born in the same period , and they share some traits, but I do not belive in everyday horoscope. That is just silliness. Well… if you are a beliver, according to the stars, we do not get along very well, because I am an Aries and you are a Taurus :. I have been reading her for ten years and she is terrifyingly accurate.

Bises G. Scorpiooooon alert right here!! No, not really, but I do believe that somehow they get those personality-things right! She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog. LIBRA — as a Libra I do trust the description of my sign both positive as well as disadvantages of being a Libra ;- because there are some but few. How does one explains that? Zodiac characteristics were used for centuries, they have a certain strong meaning that we may or not buy. I know, such a contradiction.

I believe in the description but not in the every day predictions. I am a Scorpio and my husband a Taurus and my and my third kid a little Taurus. And I come to notice that most of my enemies are Scorpio. I love to read horoscope daily basely because I want wild card advice. When it spooky accurate I sometime take their advice.

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Things are so crazy G random things that told you what to do sometime work. Go paranormal with me G. I am a Taurus too! Je suis scorpion!!!! Je veux mettre un peu de folie de ma vie moi!!! Mon esprit scientifique a un gros doute quand meme!!!

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So I guess it depends on my mood — but I have to admit when I read that something great is going to happen, I do feel happier! I am also a Taurus…and my beloved boyfriend is also a Scorpio! I tend to think maybe some of the basic traits of all the signs are probably pretty true, but not so much the daily stuff that they feed you on astrology sites, magazines etc. It is fun to play along with the types sometimes though….


Taureau moi aussi. Et oui je me retrouve sur bien des choses sur tes magnets et ta description!!!

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Ou va t-on? Je suis ressortie un peu perplexe mais interrogative. I am a Pisces. Especially when it makes my day better.

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I am a Taurus and my husband a Scorpio! Moi je suis Vierge ascendant Vierge. Im a scorpio. Hey Ms Garance we should hang out sometime; hihi ;.. Hi Garance, Just wanted you to know that my beloved grandparents are the same astrology signs as you and Scott and they are togather more than 55 years! Great combo! Hi Garance! This is my first comment in your blog! At least not for predicting my future… I never remember what my future was going to be and this has nothing to do with a joint, haha!

And oh…we are obsessed with our feet, hence we love shoes! I like reading the personality part of it…but when it comes to predicting the future, I back off.

le vrai horoscope gemini Le vrai horoscope gemini
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